New Moshi Monsters codes out for Rox, and Food Factory gives you SlopCorn

Moshi Monsters fans ahoy! If you have a favorite kind of rock, we bet it’s not diamonds. So we’re going to tell you about some new codes which can earn you a load of Rox. As for parents reading this, don’t worry, the Mind Candy game we’re referring to is created just for kids in the 6 to 14 years age group. It’s a completely safe online environment which also includes elements of social networking. And anyway, would you prefer your child playing dress-up games or actually having fun with puzzles and other creative activities?


We think we’ve babbled enough already and without further attempts at trying your patience, we give you the list of Rox codes you’ve come here for:

ROXPOX – 221 Rox

SOOK – 159 Rox

5GOOFYPALS – 150 Rox

22PINKPANS – 150 Rox

TOOT2 – 127 Rox

RAZMATAZ – 125 Rox


TRIXIE – 96 Rox

MOSHIMAG42- 50 Rox


That’s right, if you had your calculator out or are simply better at adding up numbers in your head unlike us, you’ll already know these codes are together worth 1178 Rox. Each can only be used once by a player. Just in case your Luvli, Katsuma, Poppet, Diavlo, Zommer and Furi pet is feeling a little peckish, the Food Factory is giving out SlopCorn. Now isn’t that yummy? And Issue 46 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine is available in the UK currently. The new edition comes with ROARsome HipHop box and a pair of Moshi Monsters secret codes.

On a side note, there’s some top management shuffling going around at Mind Candy. Founder and CEO Michael Acton Smith is stepping down to take on a more ‘creative’ role and there are rumors about staff cuts too. But don’t worry, Moshi Monsters is too popular to be shelved anytime soon and in case it does disappear for no apparent reason, you do have this this list to tell you about somewhat similar offerings.